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Artist Henry Bright (1810-1873)


Henry Bright was born in Saxmundham in Suffolk. He was apprenticed to Alfred Stannard (the younger brother of Joseph Stannard) and is also said to have taken lessons from John Berney Crome and John Sell Cotman who were prominent in the Norwich Society of Artists. Although he lived in Norwich for some time he moved to London in 1836 and subsequently to Ealing in 1848. After a spell in St. Johns Wood, ill health forced him to return to his brothers house in Saxmundham in 1858. A more extensive biography of the artist (including a photograph of him) is present on the following web site:

Many of his pictures are landscape views of East Anglia or elsewhere in the Brtish Isles but he also produced pictures of Holland, the Rhine and Switzerland (he is known to have visited the Alps in 1849). The above picture is probably in the latter country although the location has not been identified (if anyone recognises it, please let us know).

Early pictures by the artist are frequently watercolours but in later life Henry Bright became one of most expert masters of pastel technique as can be seen from this picture. The detail is so fine that it could easily be mistaken for a watercolour. The logs in the foreground are a common "motif" in his pictures.


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